Helium Rain


How to play

This is a basic guide on how to How To Play Helium Rain.

In Helium Rain you play a new company in a small colony living around a giant planet Nema.

Your goal is to extend your company and make it an empire. For this, you will need to use a smart combination of commercial and military options. You can achieve the goal you gave yourself (be the richest, the most powerful... or the only one) just by fighting, or without ever fighting, but in some cases both will be required.

In any case you will need to make money. The simplest method to make money is trading.


See the full article for Trading.



The most lucrative and safe way to make money is to build stations. Stations are very expensive but can ensure continued and secure revenues. Be careful, your neighbors can be friendly as long as you are small and peaceful, but being more aggressive or ambitious can lead to your fall.


You can also try piracy, but a good ending is not a guarantee.


If your dare it, war can be a very good way to make good deals. The Helium Rain economy is responsive to your action, so destroying a competitor can make you the sole provider of a resource.

To wage war, you can build various military ships to destroy enemy stations or ships.

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