Helium Rain


November update

The game's development is still ongoing, with a lot of new game mechanics and content being worked on. Here's a small update about all of this !


Trade and economy are getting more and more interesting. We now have factories and resources, and here are some new features we just finished :

Large parts of the economic model are still in the making, but the player-facing elements are all but done. We're working on a free market system, where every price depends on the station's situation, on the game's economy, on aspects that you will be able to impact as a player.

Ships have cargo bays now

We will be publishing a private, test build to select players for Christmas. It's a tough challenge, but we're nearing completion of Helium Rain !


Production of the game's soundtrack has started. More about this soon !

We've also created two brand-new stations. Both of them are dedicated to energy production - they produce rocket fuel through electrolysis of water. The first station, the nuclear fusion plant, does it by fusing Helium-3, and the solar power plant uses solar arrays.

Fusion power plant

Solar power plant

Most of the game's art can be found on ArtStation.


We spent a few days investigating a frequent request : the localization of the game. For now, the game is only in english, but we want to make it available in other languages as well.

If we do localize the game, we will work on it after the game is done with the Alpha version, which should come out at the end of the year for a select few.

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